Connecting well-prepared sellers, with well-informed buyers.

Buying and selling a business is a very important decision for both parties. The seller wants the best, or at least, a fair price, with a timely completion. A buyer requires the right information on which to make an informed decision on price, risk, strategic fit and growth prospects, all presented in a way that amounts to a compelling case.

The Hire Exchange acts only for the seller, with revenue derived principally from a modest success fee on completion. But we also serve buyers by helping them identify the most appropriate sellers via our website, or by a free, tailor-made search process.

Once negotiations are underway and moving towards due diligence, sellers are advised to appoint their own professional accountants and legal/tax advisors to manage the process and complete the transaction.

There are two levels of engagement.

The process

Adding Value

No large up-front fees

Modest success fees

Guidance on a realistic valuation

Show-casing the sellers offer to the right types of buyer

Providing key information that buyers require to progress discussions

High quality presentation of the acquisition opportunity and the sales case

Industry expertise and knowledge to guide sellers through the process

An opportunity to ‘market-test’ the saleability of your business

Maintaining pace and reducing time consuming and frustrating negotiations that can cause loss of interest and collapse through ‘deal fatigue‘

The Hire Exchange did a great job for us particularly in getting GT Access involved. There is no doubt that finding the buyer who really wants the business is the key.

To be honest selling is quite a stressful process and a real knowledge of how a hire business works is essential, especially during negotiations and handling due diligence, but it’s well worth the pain for sure.

Neon Lane

Neon Hire Services


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