The specialist business sales advisory that connects buyers and sellers of hire businesses

The Hire Exchange was established in 2019 with a mission to make the buying and selling of hire businesses easier and more cost-efficient for all.

Our executive team are widely experienced hire industry professionals including those that have owned, run, bought and sold tool, equipment and plant businesses from small Independents to leading, multi-depot Nationals. 

Our skill sets include selling, marketing, business development, financial, IT and operational expertise all gained within the hire industry and in broader areas of commerce.

With this specialist sector experience, a good deal of research and industry contacts, the principals have created a low-risk process that overcomes many of the challenges that buyers and sellers experience during a sale or acquisition.

Our team will guide you through valuation, preparing and presenting your business for sale, marketing and connecting you with the most appropriate buyers. While we facilitate the entire process, we do not take the place of legal, tax or accounting professionals who would handle the technical aspects of the transaction. 

Sellers should engage with their own corporate advisors to act for them on the technical aspects of due diligence, finance and transactional legalities. Alternatively, we can connect you with appropriate independent professionals if required. 

The process

Our Story

May 2019 and three highly experienced ‘hire men’ sat on the bank of the River Tay wondering how they could better spend their time rather than pursuing the elusive salmon. Here ‘The Hire Exchange’ was born. A specialist advisory service exclusively for hire businesses, not fish and chip shops, hairdressers or tech start-ups. A place where hire business sellers could meet hire business buyers and get the help they need to establish the true value of the business they had spent years building. And, a place where hire business buyers could find the business that they want to acquire, based on credible figures and a properly presented business case

In the beginning I was in two minds as whether to sell or not because the business was doing very well and the market was recovering from the initial Covid issues but once we got going and offers started to come I got more confident.

We ended up with three offers and one that presented a great personal opportunity for me. While selling is hard work, The Hire Exchange make it as straight-forward as it can be and we are all very happy with the outcome. The Hire Exchange know what they are doing and are good guys to work with.

Steve Dormer

Surrey Hire and Sale


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