Reap the rewards you deserve

Owners of successful, independent hire businesses have toiled long and hard to achieve success and they should reap the rewards they deserve.

But, assessing the true value of the business, presenting it for sale and finding the right buyer is not easy and that’s what we do. Our mission is to make the process of connecting buyers and sellers as straight-forward, timely and cost- efficient as possible.

Our aim is simple, to optimise your company value by presenting a compelling business case and finding the right buyer for whom your business represents the perfect fit.

We act solely for the seller for whom we are a contracted partner and from whom our revenue is derived, principally from a commission payable only when the sale is completed.

The only other fee is a modest contribution to the costs of creating and producing a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM) the essential selling aid that presents the business case with all the supporting evidence.

As hire industry specialist with unmatched experience, knowledge and contacts and a deep understanding of the market and the process, we are the ‘go-to’ place for sellers.

The process

Our 6 key components for a successful sale:

Realistic valuation that meets your expectations and the buyers

Discreet, proven and thorough process

Real understanding of the market, buyers and their needs

Effective presentation of the important information and business case

Credibility and knowledge to engage with appropriate buyers

Experienced and high-quality third-party professional advisors

We appointed The Hire Exchange because they understood the market and seemed to have great contacts, which proved to be true because we had lots of interest and got four very good offers.

Chris and David are a great team and between them they helped and supported us through out what was sometimes a testing process. They kept everyone sane and on track, even when things got tricky. It worked out very well in the end and I would happily recommend them.

Marc Prince



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