Successful acquisition is about ‘strategic fit’, realistic valuation and quality information

There are some 4,000 independent hire businesses in the UK so you’d think that finding a business that fits your strategic plan is relatively easy, but it isn’t. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process for buyers as well as sellers.

With many years’ experience of operating, buying and selling hire businesses, the Hire Exchange team understand what buyers want and need and what motivates and concerns sellers. With this knowledge and unmatched contacts, we are able to identify and connect the right buyers with the right sellers from the outset.

And, when it comes to the presentation of the business case our comprehensive Information Memorandum contains the data we know a buyer needs to properly understand and assess the opportunity and become engaged in the exploration process.

In this way we make life much easier and more efficient for buyers. This is why we are frequently approached by buyers to identify businesses for them though our tailor-made research process. As we act only for the seller, and all revenues are derived from the sale, there is no cost to buyers at all.

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I have bought many businesses in my time and it is never easy. Finding the right opportunities in the first place and assessing the proposition can be time consuming and hard work, quite apart from doing the deal and completing.

The Hire Exchange made this process considerably easier because unlike many brokers, they really do understand the hire business, the issues and what a buyer needs. As with most deals, the process is always challenging and good communication and ‘people’ management is essential. In this respect they successfully navigated the ‘bumps in the road’ and kept the deal on track to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller. A great result.

Jonathan Till

CEO GT Access


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