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Two levels of service to deal with different types and sizes of hire businesses

Level 1: ‘Ad’ only web advertising for businesses that turnover £450k or less.

The cost of selling a smaller business can be prohibitive and we are keen not to exclude these from our service.

So, if your turnover is £450k p.a. or less, here’s a low-cost, low-risk way to showcase your business to active buyers looking for opportunities.

For just £250 a month for 3- months you get a simple anonymous ad in our ‘Businesses for Sale’ web section, an informal assessment of value, help with ad copy and guidance on the sales process. All enquiries will be sent to you to deal with and there are no further costs to pay or involvement from us.

It is the ideal way to connect with buyers easily and cost-effectively and if you want to move to level two at any time you can, subject to agreement.

For more information call Chris Harvey 07887 998601.

Level 1: Benefits Include :

  • Access to a ‘high-traffic’ part of our website
  • Opportunity to connect with buyers at very low cost
  • Help with ad copy, assessment of value and process
  • Receipt and referral to you of all enquiries
  • Opportunity to move to Level 2 at any time

Level 2:  Advanced marketing and advisory programme:

This is the main service where we provide an in-depth assessment of sales potential, an assessment of value and strategic advice and support throughout the process. We identify and contact suitable buyers and produce a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM), the essential prospectus for interested parties. Apart from a modest contribution to the cost of creating and producing the Information Memorandum our revenue is derived entirely from a commission payable on completion of the sale.

Level 2: Benefits Include :

  • Agreement on market value based on the information you provide and our market intelligence.
  • If required, an advertising presence on our web site
  • Advice on the key information needed to engage buyers
  • The design and production of a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM) that presents a compelling business case and the key supporting data
  • Identification of potential buyers and engagement with them
  • Protection of confidentiality / the NDA
  • Ongoing support during the sales process

It took me quite a while to decide to sell my business and I was very grateful to the Hire Exchange for their patience.  When I did decide to sell, David and Chris explained the process in great detail and worked hard on valuation and producing the IM, which is worth the effort because we had a several interested buyers from the start.

They promised to find me the right buyer that shared my values and in the FTH Group they achieved that. I liked The Hire Exchange’s approach so much I now actually work for them as a business researcher, says it all really!!

Nadine Clark

Kelsey Plant Hire

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